Benefits of Career Diversification

Dean grey’s entrepreneurship and diversification presentation on Slideshare, shows that in order to be successful it’s important to have these two qualities. Having career diversification can be beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, having diversified careers allows you to combine all of your various interests. Most people like doing more than just one type of thing, so having a diversified career is a great opportunity for them to do those different things they are interested in. The other great part of a diversified career is that it provides people with the opportunity to reinvent yourself. For example if at one job you were known for working a lot of overtime and then decided at your next job you were not going to do this, there is no set expectation for you to do so, unlike at your previous position. If diversifying your career sounds appealing to you, here are a few things to consider. One of the most essential things is to be open to change. If you want this you have to truly open yourself up to the possibility of achieving it and be willing to keep an open mind. For some people a diversified career can be very stressful and uncomfortable, so it is clearly not the right fit for everyone. The next thing is to not be afraid to get the proper education you may need for you new career path. The other component is making sure to change the way you market yourself, as you will need to change this as you change careers.

Dean Grey, breaking into the tech industry, is a perfect example of successful career diversification. This is the case because prior to this Dean had worked with various companies such as Amway, where he primarily focused on sales. He then realized just how much opportunity was waiting to be grabbed in the world of gamification and decided to create his company called Skylab Apps.

Skylab Apps is a gamified social platform that allows brilliant minds to achieve greater impact by connecting, entertaining, and educating their international communities. He founded this company in 2015 and continues to equip, inspire, and lead the organization, as well as lay its foundation for expansion. Serving as a mobile gamified social platform, SKYLAB apps is exclusively designed for influencers and brands to empower their fan base and facilitate change throughout the world.