There is so much to learn about Dean Grey. Everything that Dean gets involved with he gives 100%, from raising his daughter as a single-parent to reaching Executive Diamond status at Amway. Most recently Dean Grey has entered the field of technology, which has opened a lot of new doors for him such as, founding his company called SKYLAB Apps. Skylab Apps is a gamified social platform that allows brilliant minds to achieve greater impact by connecting, entertaining, and educating their international communities. In the creation of SKYLAB apps, Dean Grey took the most positive social addictive behaviors such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Recognition Walls, and Content on Demand and then integrated them into one platform allowing influence rs to easily chat, educate, reward, and train their audiences. Serving as a mobile gamified social platform, SKYLAB apps is exclusively designed for influencers and brands to empower their fan base and facilitate change throughout the world.

Most recently, Dean Grey and his Skylab team were shown attending a show celebrating their first $100k client video on Dailymotion. Some of their clients include, Allysian Sciences, Alticor, EWA, Amway-Asia Pacific, Centerpointe, XS Energy, Trilogy Games, and much more. The success of Skylab Apps has been tremendous, this is so important because the App Industry by 2017, is expected to reach over 268 billion downloads and will generate over $77 billion worth of revenue. The app industry is huge and will continue to grow over the coming years.

So what is influencing this transition from Wordpress, email, and other social media to apps? This is the case because social media and email are simply not enough. Currently there is not a specific app for professionals to chat, which is quite problematic in today’s day and age. Another thing is that social media and email do not incorporate gamification tactics, which are extremely necessary. There is also no ability to customize your app, there aren’t in app purchase or subscriptions, there aren’t ownership options, and there is a low open rate as it’s only 2% for email marketing versus the 70% for App sharing.