In the world of marketing, it is difficult to find someone more modern and creative than Dean Grey. What he brings to the table is something unique, a combination of his extensive background in entrepreneurship, his personal skills, and a keen eye for emerging markets. He is a professional who has built a career based on sharing his success with others. Whether that means incorporating people into his sales force, working with them as a professional motivational speaker, reaching out to them through publishing, or connecting them with other like-minded professionals, Dean Grey is helping other entrepreneurs on their journeys to success.

Sharing Success

Dean Grey began his professional career at a very early age. He quickly rose to prominence in the direct sales world due to his ambition and personal skills. In direct sales, it is absolutely crucial that you have the skills and personality necessary to make connections with other people. You need to sell more than just your product or company’s professional philosophies; you need to be able to sell yourself. Dean Grey’s charisma gave him the advantage he needed to start making professional networks early in his career that have served him throughout his life. This ability is something that sets Dean Grey apart from others in his field. He quickly realized that this unique quality was something that he could capitalize on by sharing his experiences with others, helping them to find their own strengths and resources in life.

After leaving the direct sales world, Dean Grey founded KMI, later rebranded to Freestyle. KMI was a successful life coaching business that taught young entrepreneurs the vital skills needed to succeed that were not taught in a classroom. Entrepreneurship is about much more than having a great idea for a product or business. It takes a unique combination of personal and professional skills that are not covered in normal education. Over twenty-three years, KMI inspired more than two million athletes, actors, singers, and other entrepreneurs to reach their goals and equipped them with the best tools to do so.

For Dean Grey, gamified social learning was the next step in the evolution of the sales and marketing industry. Gamification is the use of game elements such as point scoring, competition, and awards outside of actual gaming. Social learning is the concept that people learn the best when they are engaged in social environments surround a topic. Dean Grey is currently using both of these concepts with his company Skylab Apps, developing mobile apps for entrepreneurs and companies hoping to build networks of customers.