In the tech world, everyone is an entrepreneur. As one of the most challenging, inspiring, and rewarding industries in the world, technology is a rapidly evolving hotbed where creative minds and practical thinkers like Dean Grey on, come together to create groundbreaking products that are changing the way our society functions on a global scale. Dean Grey has always been interested in being at the forefront of research, discovery, development, and innovation, so it comes as no surprise that the network marketing and keynote speaking star would eventually wander into the field of technology.

Dean Grey, Breaking into the Tech Industry
Dean Grey, Breaking into the Tech Industry

A Story of Determination

The tech industry is more than just coming up with new ideas, however. It is about finding solutions to difficult problems, as well as understanding how to make all of these ideas and solutions become tangible. Dean Grey has spent a large part of his career traveling around the world, building network marketing teams and inspiring people from all backgrounds with his encouraging stories of perseverance and determination. Dean Grey is no stranger to setbacks, but it is this quality that has made him such an optimal candidate for entrepreneurial undertakings. As someone who is skilled at identifying business opportunities and staying focused on them, Grey has excelled in the tech industry.

Dean Grey has exhibited inspiration in the face of adversity, proving that anyone can make it in any field, as long as they work hard enough. Though not professionally trained in technology at all, Grey has managed to establish two extremely successful technology-based companies, Skylab Apps and Zooplr. Through his travels, Grey has learned the importance of connecting with others and establishing diversified networks. With his tech companies, he has taken this lesson and applied it to a much larger scale, creating online platforms where companies and large organizations can engage and educate their audiences, as well as where creative minds can meet to discuss the potential of unique and inventive ideas.

A Dreamer at Heart

Above all, Dean Grey is a dreamer. He is able to look at the present and see the future. More importantly, he makes decisions swiftly and anchors his ideas in order to make them a reality.  Through his innovations in technology, Grey has continued to develop solutions to help make the world we live in just that much better.