One of life’s greatest challenges is finding a healthy balance between one’s personal and professional life. While some lack the ambition necessary to succeed in an increasingly competitive corporate world, others give everything they have to their careers while neglecting the people outside their work life. Dean Grey is an entrepreneur and business professional who was forced to find balance in his personal and professional life after he became a single father to his daughter Teagan. Without sacrificing his professional ambitions, Dean Grey has supported his daughter with unfailing love and devotion.

Spreading His Voice Around the World

According to Dean Grey on, he learned the value of balance while working in direct selling at Amway. Dean Grey joined Amway in his early twenties and quickly rose to success. He became the fastest and youngest IBO to achieve Pearl level within the company, landing him in the top 0.002% of MLM leaders in the world. Unfortunately, it was at this time that Dean Grey also went through a difficult divorce that left him drained financially, physically, and emotionally. As a newly single parent and devoted father, Dean Grey knew that he could never pursue his professional ambitions at the expense of his daughter’s well being. Despite homeschooling and providing his daughter with all the opportunities she needed, Dean Grey continued his career and in one short year after his divorce, received an award before more than 30,000 people for his professional accomplishments. Together, he and his daughter went on to being recognized on stages around the world as well as in multiple magazines with a global spread and readership.

Dean Grey next took his experience in entrepreneurship and decided to share it with the world. As a means of educating other professionals, Dean Grey founded Freestyle, formerly known as KMI. Freestyle was a successful professional life coaching business that provided resources and education for young entrepreneurs and established business professionals who needed guidance along their career path. Freestyle spread to over 28 countries in the 23 years that it existed, helping Dean Grey reach out to more than two million individuals around the word.

Defining Moments of Courage
Defining Moments of Courage

Unfortunately, Dean Grey cannot be in multiple places at once. For individuals who have not had the pleasure of personally being mentored by Dean Grey, he is also a published author. His Amazon #1 Best Selling book, “Defining Moments of Courage”, is a collection of stories from a variety of successful professionals, himself included. This book aims to provide access to Dean Grey’s professional philosophies to people all over the world, at any time.