Before anything, technology has become a way for entrepreneurs and other business professionals to develop solutions for the myriad of problems businessmen face on a daily basis. This is the reason Dean Grey has stepped into the tech industry. Beginning his career by traveling around the world and building teams in 18 different countries, Grey eventually began experiencing the problems that many large organizations do when it comes to maintaining such a large clientele base. To combat these problems, Grey began studying social gaming and the explosion of mobile apps as a way to discover a solution.

Through his research, he developed a mobile application designed to promote brands by engaging a company’s fan base and community: Skylab apps. By redefining some of the most advantageous characteristics of social addictive behavior, Grey was able to create a mobile application that uses gamification as a way enable influencers to chat, educate, reward, and train their audiences. Dean Grey’s breakthrough into the tech industry is representative of his career as a whole. As someone who has always been driven by new ideas and the potential to develop solutions that improve the way our world works, technology is a very fitting field for Grey.

Dean Grey’s work with Skylab apps demonstrates the huge impact that social media and mobile applications have had on business today. For one, these technologies are a unique and effective way to gain valuable customer insight. Through daily active engagement and social listening, influencers can gather relevant customer data and use that information to make smarter business decisions.

Connecting with Customers

Social media and gamification applications also enable companies to increase brand awareness and loyalty. When you have an online platform and presence on social media, it makes it much easier for your customers to find and connect with you. Skylab apps focuses on engaging its customer base through features such as power chat, gamified training, and social recognition, which increases customer retention and brand loyalty. In fact, a study by The Social Habit showed that more than half of Americans who follow brands through a social media platform are more loyal to those brands.

Finally, online technologies allow brands to share content faster and easier, while also building relationships with their customer base. Unlike traditional forms of marketing, mobile applications act as a two-way street, where customers are allowed to give company’s feedback regarding their needs and desires. This makes it easier for brands to tailor their services to fit exactly what their audience wants.