Why do you need to go mobile?

Dean Grey knows the impact of mobile applications on business today, which is why he entered the tech industry with his company Skylab Apps in 2015. So what is the impact of mobile applications on businesses today and why should you get a mobile app if you don’t already have one? In today’s society social media plays a big part. It is no longer enough for your company to simply have a website, everything is becoming mobile and the best way to go achieve this is through a mobile app. Approximately ¾ Americans will check their mobile phone every hour, not to mention that around 90% of that time on their phone consists of using an app. It’s even be proven that Americans now spend more time on their mobile phones than they actually do watching television. So what does that mean for small businesses? This means that in order to reach your customers you need to become mobile or your company will suffer. The benefits of mobile apps are nearly endless. They are proven to increase engagement with customers in the ways of repeat visits, a large variety of online transactions, and much more. This increased engagement with your customers is done through notifications, announcements, and other various tools. Engagement turns into profit and in order to reap these rewards your company truly needs to get a mobile application.

Dean Grey, knows that technology trends will continue to expand, which is why it is so important that companies keep up to date and continue to grow with these new technologies. As of today mobile applications is truly the best way to reach your customer base and Skylab Apps can help you with that.

Skylab Apps is a gamified social platform that allows brilliant minds to achieve greater impact by connecting, entertaining, and educating their international communities. In the creation of SKYLAB apps, Dean Grey took the most positive social addictive behaviors such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Recognition Walls, and Content on Demand and then integrated them into one platform allowing influencers to easily chat, educate, reward, and train their audiences. Serving as a mobile gamified social platform, SKYLAB apps is exclusively designed for influencers and brands to empower their fan base and facilitate change throughout the world. Skylab Apps offers you the platform and you get to customize and design it how you see fit, that’s what makes it so unique and successful.