Dean Grey is using behavior modification to achieve results with his company Skylab Apps that he founded back in 2015. Dean Grey with Skylab Apps continues to equip, inspire, and lead the organization, as well as lay its foundation for expansion. In the creation of SKYLAB apps, he redefined the most positive social addictive behaviors such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Recognition Walls, and Content on Demand. He then integrated them into one platform allowing influencers to easily chat, educate, reward, and train their audiences. How does Dean use behavior modification to achieve results?

What is Behavioral Modification?

First of all, what does behavioral modification mean? Well it is the changing of behavioral patterns through the use of various learning techniques such as biofeedback and positive/negative reinforcement. Skylab Apps defines five categories of activities that can be addressed with behavior modification techniques, which include, developing a new behavior, strengthening a behavior, maintaining an established behavior, stopping an inappropriate behavior, and modifying emotional behavior. Think about this in terms of social media. For example people will repeatedly post on Facebook and other social media if they are receiving social recognition such as, likes and/or shares of what they have posted. Thus when they are receiving positive feedback such as recognition they will continue to keep up this behavior. Skylab understanding this, thus takes this addictive pattern and pairs it with the most popular and effective features of major social networking apps like facebook, twitter, instagram youtube, and many others and integrates it all into a Gamified solution and platform.

Dean Grey, knows that gamified social learning can offer even greater achievements for all types of industries. In particular industries the technique of gamification has begun to replace other marketing and educational techniques, because they just aren’t as effective. Gamification has evolved into today’s society unlike these other marketing and educational techniques. The gamification industry is even expected to grow to $2.8 billion by 2016.

One great use for gamification is by incorporating it into the workplace. It can be an asset in the workplace because it can provide employees with further work-related knowledge. This could be in regards to policies, standards, performance expectations, and so forth. Gamification makes learning about these various things actually fun and engaging, which in turn produces more educated and well-versed employees.