Dean Grey is an international renown technology expert who specializes in the industry of Gamification.  His path to success was a multifaceted journey that began with the mastery of sales.

Having a solid foundation in the psychology of selling, gave Dean an undeniable advantage in motivating people to react to a manufactured desired results. Connecting this methodology to technology is where his genius was fully revealed.

Dean continued to test the limits of his comprehension of this Psychology; Branching into mentoring, Social Media, Online Marketing, and Mobil devices all which required specialized techniques to encourage people towards a highlighted goal.

“Mobile devices have already ingrained themselves into our daily lives, and business realizes that this is something that can work to their advantage.”

Dean Grey, Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of Skylab apps

What Is Gamification?

Gamification is based on a few key major elements: it is a habit-forming teaching methodology that utilizes the simple strategy behind building a reward system for achievements.

Techniques originally developed for computer games, masterfully designed for motivation and engagement are finding their way into e-learning and mobile training platforms. Gamification is a global trend that is not just limited to children and education but is an excellent tool for adults and producing productivity in the workforce.

Why Does Gamification Work?

 Gamification is designed to motivate, and it works because it taps into human phycology and triggers an emotional response. It takes the entertaining elements of a game Intrigue and excitement and applies them to everyday tasks.

Dean Grey Understood the Benefits of Gamification and how this could be a powerful tool generically applicable across all industries to producepositive user experience leading to better engagement, loyalty, and higher sales.

Gamification is a relatively new industry and still holds a lot of potential for expansion. More International corporations are begining to comprehend its usefulness and seek the benefits for their company.

“Skylab has revolutionized the rapidly growing cheerleading industry by providing cheerleaders, coaches, and gym owners the best opportunity to train, learn, and develop their skillset as they strive to become world class athletes. By utilizing the Skylab platform, we are now able to use gamification to connect a global industry, and the result is extraordinary.”

Alex McCarthy

CEO and Founder of The Cheer Apps

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