You can get your inspiration and motivation from any source you choose when you are running your own business.  One frequently overlooked tool for motivation is your community.  Being an entrepreneur requires being in touch with your client base, peers and even competitors in the industry. However, It takes a special skillset to convert these contacts into a community. Key components in building community are communication and common interest.

Dean Grey created his most successful venture to date Skylab Apps based off of the concept of utilizing community.

His brilliant conception is now made accessible to the average person through The Skylab app, in fact, made it a simple task to convert contacts into a community by incentivizing engagement.

Taking a simple recognition and reward system known in the technology industry as Gamification and incorporating it into a platform based off of a social media concept of communicating.

Not only is it a great way to network, but you also learn a lot about the field, the competition, and customizing this data it for your own business. Most of the times, entrepreneurs share their ideas truthfully, openly and are fond of direct discussions.

You will always need to develop networking skills for the growth of your business. There are some entrepreneurs who have this skill naturally. However, you need not be disillusioned if you do not possess this skill. There is always room for you to develop your personal skillset and a chance to pick it up. The more you perfect the skill of networking the more you can expand and strengthen your community, adding new connections and maintain the existing ones through the Skylab apps

 Expanding and creating your own network for the betterment of your business is one of the prime reasons why Dean created the Skylab system; to empower entrepreneurs with the benefits of community.

“The Skylab platform is like nothing I've ever seen before. As a person with an entrepreneurship background who has worked with multiple different industries, this platform is so powerful that it can cater specifically to almost any industry with just a little customization. As apps and mobile solutions become increasingly more important, Skylab Apps has positioned itself for success for many years to come.”
Jeremy Wong, Global Entrepreneur, and Investor

A big function of the community for entrepreneurs is that members can encourage each other and pass on their knowledge based on real-life experiences to bolster the growth of the entire team.

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