When Confronted with the question: Why are so many young people are having issues being successful in this day and age? CEO of Skylab's App Dean Grey was candid in sharing the facts.

In this 21st century world of instant gratification, it is the unfortunate social expectation for an immediate reward. Technology has exacerbated this issue. Scientist have recently been able to explain how humans have unwittingly developed this phenomenon, and it all goes back to the chemical balance of the brain.

Dopamine is a major neurotransmitter that plays a role in human behavior. It is in charge of the brain’s pleasure-reward system. It is released in the body upon the completion of a goal and is enhanced when recognition is given for this achievement.

Before the development of modern conveniences such as electric, cars, and computers, it required more human physical activity and effort to complete anything. This encouraged individuals to do work to accomplish tasks to get that chemical sensation of satisfaction.

The continued speed of accomplishing tasks as technology advanced made humans lazier, causing them to seek faster and easier ways to get that desired feeling of accomplishment. The onset of Social Media totally sabotaged the entire process of working for rewards by eliminating the actual need of an accomplishment. Now the appearance of accomplishment is getting the desired reaction. Bypassing the need of real achievements and going straight for the enhanced sensation of social acknowledgment for this perceived "achievement."

Why do you think so many people lie about their lives on Social media?

At Skylab apps we have taken painstaking efforts to utilize this knowledge and the original culprits (technology and social media) to correct the problem.

Our app incorporates the concept of Gamification. Which simply put is goal setting, daily task achievements and social recognition for their accomplishment, all in one place.

Dopamine is kind of like sugar. A little natural sugar is ok, it produces energy and helps with productivity. But to much makes you sleepy and unmotivated.

The real problem with the younger generation is that they are dopamine addicts! They need to been taught how to produce this substance in their bodies productively.  This was my motivation behind creating Skylab Apps.  Any of these youth whom you are basically compartmentalizing as failures; who have a little desire and willpower with the aid our app can re-train themselves can be just as successful as I am.


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