When we picture professional writers in our minds, we often think of individuals holed up in a room alone and plugging away on some old fashioned typewriter. However, this concept is simply outdated and more often than not, writers are working in coffee shops, large-scale corporations, or on the go as they travel for business. The technological and digital revolution has completely changed the world of publication and freelance work because it has allowed anyone to become a professional writer overnight. There are a number of websites devoted to helping writers disseminate information such as WordPress, Medium, Tumblr, and BlogSpot. These sites are serving a new generation of entrepreneurial writers.

Take Dean Grey on Medium (and various other blogging platforms), for example. As an accomplished entrepreneur, he recognizes the power of online writing and uses it daily in his career of helping other professionals. Not only has he established a presence on multiple blogging platforms, his entrepreneurial background helped him establish his own publishing company. This is the future of writing. It is a highly entrepreneurial endeavor with fewer and fewer individuals seeking out publishing houses in favor of making it on their own. Everyone is familiar with stories of success where individuals (often stay at home parents or even teenagers) create a blog for their own personal interest, generate a massive following, and eventually monetize their writing and start pursuing it as a career.