For businesses with community-based sites that contain hundreds or even thousands of users, it is important that you have a means of managing your directory of clients, customers, or colleagues within the system. This problem becomes increasingly difficult when you consider that within a database, individuals might have similar or identical names or information. In these instances and for these companies, dynamic directories are important search tools that can help you define how you search for users.

Entrepreneur Dean Grey is the owner of the patented Dynamic Directory and Content Communication. His patent takes the process of dynamic directories one step beyond most others in that it allows for the association of a user with a private descriptor, further specializing the parameters in which one can look up information. The typical dynamic directory, however, allows for the display of user’s info based on their user ID  or any other variable that you choose to use. Imagine working for a company that has twelve different employees named Jennifer. A dynamic directory allows you to specify which Jennifer you would like to find information on based on any sort of parameters such as role or length of time with the company. They are a must for large-scale, community-based sites.

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