Dean Grey, Inspiring Through Learning
Dean Grey, Inspiring Through Learning

Who are the leaders on the forefront of the business world? They are unique and ambitious individuals with a keen eye for markets and sights set on the future of global industries. It is important to recognize that the world is hardly divided into separate geographical markets anymore. With recent advances in science and technology, communities are no longer bound by physical limitations. Online, digital, or mobile device based communities are legitimate markets that professionals have targeted in order to make money and change the world. Dean Grey is one such individual who harnessed the power of modern technology in order to reach a large audience for his entrepreneurial career. His focus on globalization and technology has established him as one of the most innovative and insightful business professionals in the world.

Technology and Marketing Together

For Dean Grey, bringing marketing to technology was a way of reaching individuals around the world. His early success in direct sales gave him the marketing experience he needed to handle global business. Having traveled to more than eighteen countries around the world as a performer and artist, Dean Grey recognized the common need and desire for people to remain connected to their communities. Dean Grey realized that his desire for connectivity was something that could uniquely benefit from the technology boom of recent decades. He has since designed programs and applications aimed at helping communities to stay connected and reach out to individuals around the world.

Dean Grey’s primary outlet for this is the mobile company Skylab Apps, of which he is both founder and Chief Executive Officer. Skylab Apps, founded in 2015, provides international organizations, speakers, authors, athletes, and entrepreneurs a gamified social learning platform to engage, track, and monetize on their communities. There are three modern elements in play in this business design: mobility, social learning, and gamification. Mobility refers to the fact that Skylab is built to function on mobile devices. This allows users around the world to stay connected around the clock. Social learning is a relatively old concept that has been reborn in the modern age. Social learning simply means that individuals learn from the people around them. With the Skylab Platform, this means that users are able to chat and interact with other users.

A man aiming to keep ahead of the curve, Dean Grey has made the platform fun and easy to use through gamification. This means that users can score points, engage in competitions, track results, and generally stay more engaged to Skylab because it is enjoyable to use.