In modern business practices it can be difficult to connect with one’s customer base because consumers are often overwhelmed by the amount of advertisement they see each day. Even the best marketing strategy can be overlooked because they are simply lost in the saturated environment of media that has been created for the public. Business need to find new and more engaging ways for the public to experience and interact with their products and causes. According to marketing professional Dean Grey on, the future of marketing and business lies in gamified social learning platforms. Platforms such as Skylab Apps are making it fun and easy for businesses to stay connected to customers around the world.

Skylab Apps and the Future

Skylab Apps creates social platforms for companies that are hoping to engage their customers through direct interactions with messages, photo sharing, and video. In order to counteract the over-saturated marketing world, "Skylab's gamification allows major brands to laser target consumers, eliminate marketing clutter while building new incremental revenue streams. Most all of consumers feel they are unlocking rewards vs. being advertised to." Customers benefit from a marketing environment that they feel connected to, motivating them to grown and learn within a businesses environment and goals.