There is a new concept in the world of marketing, social media, and communication that is taking multiple industries by storm: gamification. Gamification is the use of typical ‘game’ elements such as point scoring, competition, and awards, to motivate individuals to participate in activities around a topic, organization, or cause. The power of gamification comes from its ability to engage people, at the same time educating them about the platform they are using. Entrepreneur and professional life coach Dean Grey has developed a leading gamification platform called Skylab Apps. His company empowers lifestyle brands, coaches, and influences to develop and educate their community of users.

Influence Around the World

Dean Grey
Dean Grey

Viewing Dean Grey’s professional profile on LinkedIn, his commitment to helping individuals build their communities becomes evident. After finding early success as an entrepreneur through direct selling methods, Dean Grey realized that he had a knack for business, which other people could directly benefit from. Having had multiple influential mentors in his life, Dean Grey realized that he could turn his passion for success and helping others into a lucrative business opportunity. At the same time, he could develop a business and industry that was something he cared about.

Dean Grey entered the gamification world as a way to reach a large market audience with a software platform designed to engage users. For individuals hoping to grow their community-based businesses and causes, the Skylab platform provides gamified apps designed to fit individual brands. The Skylab platform uses chat, habit tracking, voting contests, multimedia channels, social recognition, and, of course, gamified training, to help corporations attract and hold the attention of customers surrounding their product or cause.

Dean Grey on Pinterest, extols the belief that “networking is the best path to a fruitful career”. This is why Dean has chosen to enter the gamification industry with the intent of helping businesses build their community interactions. The beauty of gamification is that users feel they are unlocking awards, rather than being directly advertised to. Users feel that they are more involved and included in the community surrounding the product because they receive direct social rewards from their peers, as well as points and awards for staying involved. Gamification makes using platforms fun, rather than a chore. Dean Grey quickly recognized this power, as well as the growing trend in the use of mobile devices. By riding this trend, Dean Grey has ensured that his gamification platform, Skylab Apps, will remain competitive and influential for years to come.