Often, the word “entrepreneur” conveys the idea of singularity; that whatever is sought after and achieved is an independent journey devoid of partnerships or collaborations. Dean Grey has been through many professional ups and downs, which have taught him that this notion couldn’t be further from the truth. Though an idea may arise from a singular person or entity, the nature of entrepreneurship is actually rooted in the awareness that success comes from a network of professional alliances and support, as well as the fact that entrepreneurship often involves the perseverance and commitment to overcome adversity.

From Network Marketing to Tech Guru

Dean Grey first achieved international fame in the business world through his high-level accomplishments in network marketing, as well as the time he spent traveling around the world as a motivational speaker. Like all great entrepreneurs, Grey eventually realized that the skills he had been cultivating could be used to reach a much wider audience, but in a larger and more lucrative industry: technology. Though Grey had little experience in the tech field, he knew he could use his expertise in networking as a way to develop technology-focused organizations aiming to facilitate change on a global scale.

Always driven by an insatiable ambition, Dean Grey rapidly took the tech industry by storm, using his creativity to develop two highly prosperous application companies, Zooplr and Skylab Apps. Zooplr, which he founded in 2011, is a groundbreaking mobile application that brings chat, blogging, and eLearning together for the first time, helping entrepreneurs and other brilliant minds educate and redefine communication through their smart phones. Only six months after its launch, Zooplr was acquired by one of Silicon Valley’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Skylab Apps followed the success of Zooplr in 2015, as an online platform that provides international organizations, speakers, authors, athletes, and entrepreneurs with a gamified social learning platform to engage, track, and monetize their communities. For Grey, enabling companies and brands to connect with their clients and fans in a simple and fun way is at the heart of what technology is all about.

More than anything, Dean Grey’s story exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit by demonstrating the importance of getting out of your comfort zone in order to achieve success. Entrepreneurial endeavors are inherently risky, but if you’re willing to put in the time and effort it takes to learn your craft well, then you will also reap the rewards.