What is personal development? It is exploring your potential and maximizing your gifts. It is building upon your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses.

Many people attempt personal development projects, but few succeed. Those who do find that the benefits of personal development are many. Personal development is worth it when it brings about change that you didn’t know you needed until then.

Having the right mindset helps.

Self Awareness

A self-aware mindset is important for personal development. Be fully aware of what you can do – and what you cannot. You cannot climb a mountain tomorrow, without any training. But it is possible, as long as you push yourself.

At Skylab Apps, we believe in pushing ourselves every day. This is how we have been able to achieve the extraordinary. Our clients only have high words to speak of us.

Alex Wong, a celebrated ballet dancer, instructor and an all star contestant on So You Think You Can Dance, had these words of praise for the technology that we use.

“The dance app platform is filling a void the dance world has had for many years, by uniting all dancers in one place to learn about the industry from professionals. With easy and clear navigation within the app, dancers are able to complete industry homework assignments and learn from professionals by discovering and furthering their dance education.”

This is exactly what Dean Grey, the head of Skylab Apps, envisioned doing when he founded the company years ago.

“The trick however is to find a way to create a sustainable solution to empower transformation that does not sacrifice the personal life of the influencers which is often the case.”
-Dean Grey, CEO Skylab Apps

Set a Direction

 After you have determined what you are capable of, you need to head down a direction you strongly feel will benefit others and bring about change.

Skylab Apps has been helping its clients achieve billions of dollars in revenues this way.

Glen Ledwell, the CEO of Mind Movies, believes Skylab Apps’ technology will be a game-changer for all businesses invested in the online part. Knowing how to connect with people in the digital age is what makes Skylab Apps unique, says Sharon Chen, Regional Manager (Digital Solutions) for Amway.

Develop Efficiency

When you know what you are capable of, and the direction you need to take, you will able to travel down the path better, sure of yourself.

Build Resilience Hardships will come your way. This is guaranteed in life. The point is not to give up, but to motivate yourself to carry on.

Changes in technology were difficult for Skylab Apps at the beginning. As soon as an app was developed, the next technology would emerge and we would have to do it all over again. We finally discovered how to future-proof ourselves and our clients against technology changes – by developing apps that embraced new technology on their own. We continue to do this, and those who use our apps are happy with the features and easy navigation provided.

Apolo Ohno, an eight-time medalist at the Winter Olympics says that Skylab Apps makes it possible to engage with his community in a more meaningful way that social media could never provide.

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