Everyone wants to find success in both their personal and professional lives, but it is impossible to avoid setbacks and difficulties on our journeys. Often, the difference between coming out on top and falling behind is a matter of perspective and perseverance in the face of dark times. It takes a number of characteristics, as well the support of friends and family, to find the strength to focus on what truly matters in our lives.

The Importance of Community

For Dean Grey, inspiration in the face of adversity is about surrounding yourself with a community of individuals who are focused on success. Especially in our professional lives, it is important to know where we can turn to for strength and guidance. That is why professional networks are crucial for success. Freestyle is Dean Grey’s answer to this challenge. His company is focused on provide professional life coaching to entrepreneurs who lack the resources or information necessary to face hard times. Freestyle has helped millions of actors, singers, artists, and entrepreneurs around the world find success despite personal challenges. Networks and communities such as these are important to have in an increasingly competitive world of global business.