There is no denying that the world has gone mobile. Everywhere you turn, people are glued to a variety of smart devices that have changed the way we go about our daily lives. The world is constantly changing, and there has never been a better moment for entrepreneurs like Dean Grey to take advantage of the new and exciting opportunities that technology has made possible.

One of the most popular ways technology has revolutionized our lives is through social media. Features such as comments, likes, messaging, photo sharing, and more have brought people from all over the world together on a singular platform, such as Facebook or Twitter, so that they can communicate with one another and share ideas and opinions. This type of technological convenience and effectiveness is exactly what inspired Dean Grey to move from a career in network marketing, to a career in the tech industry. By applying the advantages of social media to business, Grey has created an innovative company that is transforming the way aspiring entrepreneurs transmit their ideas to the world.

An Innovative Way to Share Ideas

Dean Grey’s company, Zooplr, is a mobile “social learning platform” designed to dramatically improve the way people communicate, acquire, and apply knowledge. At its core, Zooplr strives to help people access, follow, and learn from the world’s most brilliant minds. With one easy-to-use platform, Zooplr elegantly organizes content from the world’s top minds so that users can discover and follow the experts they love while also receiving up-to-the-minute notifications about their new teachings. Through a combination of communication, content consumption, and eLearning, Zooplr is quickly becoming one of the most popular mobile technologies around.

Dean Grey’s entire career has been built upon the idea of inter connectivity, which is why his designing of Zooplr specifically focused on bridging the gap between today’s brilliant minds and the people who want to access them. Grey’s professional career took off when someone more established in the business world decided to give him an opportunity that changed his life. Passing on this kind of opportunity is what makes Zooplr such a unique mobile application.

Dean Grey believes that every single person is an expert at something, and that everyone has an ingenious idea they want to share with the world. Zooplr enables anyone to take a good idea, record it, and share it with millions of people around the globe. By harnessing the power of social media, Grey has cultivated a community of forward-thinking entrepreneurs and given them the key to realizing their dreams.