The Visionary that IS Skylab Apps... Mr. Dean Grey

There is no denying that the world is more interconnected than ever before. Not only do we have access to nearly immediate communication through email and phones, but also further developments such as text messaging and social media have continued to push the boundaries of what human communication means. This has had a huge impact on business, particularly international business, because clients and companies are more connected and more productive than ever before. In fact, according to some experts, the average individual has contact with a larger international community in one day than the generation before them had in their entire lifetime. This means that new industries, businesses, and technologies are being produced at unprecedented rates, and with exciting consequences.

For entrepreneurs such as Dean Grey, not only has this enabled him to build international organizations, but it has also enabled him to build devices and technologies for others to do so as well. Currently, he is working as CEO of Skylab Apps, a gamified social learning company that specializes in creating mobile applications in order to help business connect with their clients around the world. Businesses like Skylab Apps are taking advantage of the technology boom to better equip businesses and individuals around the world with the tools they need for success. For more information, view Dean Grey professional profile on LinkedIn.

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The Early Years

Dean first made a splash in his early twenties for being a single dad and learning to navigate raising his daughter while simultaneously breaking records in business. Dean home schooled his daughter as they traveled extensively to build his company.  

Mr. Grey also has extensive experience in Direct Selling. By the age of twenty three, Mr. Grey became the youngest recipient of Amway's Executive Diamond award for growing the revenue of his Amway direct sales business' into the largest top 0.002% of the organization. Dean would speak 4x a year to coliseums full of people in his organization in over 18 countries for over a decade.  

This experience in building and maintaining a global community for 15 years  gave Dean massive insights into global patterns and the pain points of training, tracking, rewarding and growing an international audience.  

The trick however is to find a way to create a sustainable solution to empower transformation that does not sacrifice the personal life of the influencers which is often the case.  

It was this issue that lead Dean and many of his colleagues to recognize the overwhelming adoption of social media and the mobile gaming industry. 

It was clear there were no learning management systems, that combined the social media  culture with the gaming tactics being used on our kids.

  If you want to transform people beyond the ability to raise their awareness at a live event on social media or through a film you need a way to engage, track and reward on the one device they carry at all times, the mobile phone. 

The solution required two quantum leaps.

First was to recognize a 5th learning modality we call "Gamified Social Learning"

The second was to deliver this new modality on mobile devices and desktops globally at a price anyone could afford.
 Dean spent his last 2 years speaking in 18 countries to create focus groups with the massive live audiences he was fortunate to have at his disposal. 

  Dean documented 300 plus interviews with world influencers, coaches, military, pastors and game designers before he convinced himself he had a solution to a problem that was worth solving.  

In addition to being the Founder and CEO of Skylab Apps, Mr. Grey is also the Founder and CIO of Transactive, a mobile merchant and lending application. Mr. Grey has over 20 years of experience in coaching and Gamified learning and is recognized globally as one of the leading experts in community building for lifestyle brands. In 1989, he founded the executive coaching company KMI, now Freestyle and built a network of 200,000 affiliates in 18 countries.